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    Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh city, is experiencing a rapid economic growth and urban expansion, with the increase in the income of the young working generation. This is because governmental policies have provided a stable foundation for FDI.

    As a result, there is a huge demand for modern, quality and affordable apartments, as young generations are seeking a home for their new family. However, for the past few years, too many high-end housing projects have been built, despite this market demand.



  • Through extensive market research, in-depth interviews, group interviews, an international investment fund run by financial experts in Luxembourg and Europe, captures the needs of the home in TP. Ho Chi Minh. Our fund, which includes investors from Europe and the rest of the world, is fully focused on building affordable apartments with modern and secure design.

    To do this, EZ LAND Vietnam has been established in Vietnam, with the professional cooperation of foreign real estate developers and experts (Germany / England / France) and a team of talented, domestic experience (the total experience in this field of our management team is over 35 years).


  • Our projects’ focus is on convenient locations in districts of Ho Chi Minh City, allowing young people to move easily to workplaces through new infrastructure while providing a green and relaxing environment for their children’s life. This is a guideline of our project development, in line with the slogan “DEVELOPING EXCELLENCE”.

  • Our vision is to provide the market with 3,000 to 5,000 apartments per year in Ho Chi Minh City in the next 5 to 8 years, with the slogan of EZ LAND “DEVELOPING EXCELLENCE”. Inspired by BAUHAUS’s architectural inspiration as well as the application of international quality standards from Germany, EZ LAND and the fund assure that customers will receive an apartment with optimal design, modern security and that would be a very reasonable investment for their future and families.

Board of director

  • Mr. Olivier
    Dung Do Ngoc
    Chief Executive Officer

    Olivier Dung Do Ngoc is an astute investor and an inspired
    entrepreneur. He received an MBA from London Business School
    and Columbia Business School in New York, spending 14 years
    with JP Morgan based across Europe and Asia.


    In 2014, Olivier founded EZLand on the back of a first successful
    investment fund launched in 2007 working on various
    high-profile hospitality, real estate, venture capital and private
    equity projects. He honed his expertise in the development and
    operation of businesses in Vietnam over the last decade and
    during this time, forged extensive relationships within the local
    industry, while building his experience in local governance, tax
    and real estate laws.


    Olivier’s Vietnamese and Luxembourgish heritage gives him
    excellent insight into local and Western cultures, consumer
    behaviours and real estate markets. He is an active participant in
    the corporate social responsibility sector and serves on the
    boards of various domestic and regional companies and has a
    keen interest in Vietnamese art.


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