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16/ 10/ 2018

HausNeo apartment project has received EDGE Certification

HausNeo apartment project of EZ Land has just received the first Certification EDGE offered by SGS Vietnam . Strive for lasting value EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) evaluated by SGS VIETNAM LIMITED based on criterions as saving energy, water and less embodied energy in materials for green projects. Accordingly, HausNeo apartment project reaches the average saving as 29 percent Energy, 32 percent Water and 50 percent less embodied energy in materials. These indicators are considered to be the highest in the mid-market apartment segment in HCM City. HausNeo apartments have access to a loggia for the enjoyment of sunshine and fresh air. The wall and roof are built by thermal brick to save energy used for regulators, as well as brick holes and cement bricks that consume less energy in the production process and reduce CO2 eliminations. All of constructions are equipped with LED light bulb, water-saving shower as well as smart control systems. While many investors only install and operate energy saving devices such as solar cells, water pump inverters…to label “green” for the project. EZ Land is only geared towards sustainable solutions. According to SGS Vietnam research, electricity costs can be saved to 170,000 (VND) per month and water consumption will also be saved 45.75m3 per year per unit. And the amount of waste water and CO2 emitted into the environment will also be significantly reduced. This is also the lasting and sustainable values that EZ Land pursues in the spirit of a professional, community-oriented Real Estate developer.

Asserting the prestige of investor Green Building always requires a huge investment that makes investors rarely care about the mid-market segment as well as the low-range segment, although this two range consume energy and affect the environment the most. But EZ Land is one of investors applying Green solutions to apartment project. Mr Olivier Do Ngoc, Dung – CEO of EZ Land said: “At the present time, many people still do not really understand about Green Building. So EDGE Certification helps to change the awareness and reinforce the trust of the residents. And this is also the evidence confirming the prestige of EZ Land through the first apartment project – HausNeo” He also said that the investor must be really devoted to meet the strict standards of choosing and using materials for building projects. With HausNeo, EZ Land is willing to do anything to make benefit for customers and ensure the responsibility of the business. This is also the core values that EZ Land wants to build the lasting foundation for Vietnamese families, like the hummingbird – The small bird that is willing to do what it had to do, regardless its size. At present, HausNeo is progressing to the finish phase and come into operation in the third-quarter in 2019.  

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