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29/ 10/ 2018


CBRE Vietnam was officially appointed by EZ Land to become The Agency of Property Management for HausNeo project. This is the strong proof of being determined to take care of customers as the focus of EZ Land.

The fact that young customers choose apartment projects for so many reasons but making a decision to own a good apartment is not easy for homebuyers. In addition to factors such as location, design, apartment utilities, construction quality; homebuyers always pay attention to the progress of construction and the brand of partners. Morever, customers hope that the handover would be on time and they can enjoy the commitment of investor on utilities, landscapes, service fees. However, all of these elements guarantee the commitment or not that depends on the prestige of the investor.

HausNeo – one of EZ Land’s first projects – has been built with the main inspiration from European quality standards and the Bauhaus with human-centered criteria. Featuringvalues as “Reliability” & “Responsibility”, HausNeo is an apartment project with optimal design, modern, safe and secure, will be a very reasonable investment for your future and family. Hence, EZ Land has chosen CBRE as the Management & Operation of HausNeo project to confirm the commitment on European quality standards as well as completely accommodate customer’s demands.

CBRE believes that their experienced asset management team with extensive operational expertise and extensive experience in managing hundreds of projects across Vietnam will totally add core values to the project, provide higher quality service and enhance the experience for residents at HausNeo. CBRE also selects quality projects that are designed with multiple functions to easily make residents satisfied with management and operation services because of the face that projects failing to implement the commitment on progress and quality will cause a lot of problems for the residents during the process of handover and operation. And, we promise that HausNeo will make customers satisfied and comfortable the most with the design, construction and quality management as well as the selection of the operator for the project. In particular, the “Topping out” in September of 2018 is one of the roofs for ensuring the commitment of EZ Land. The CBRE brand’s involvement in the management and operation of the HausNeo project provides a range of amenities such as Children’s pool, Hauspool; relaxing areas, children’s playground, Kid’s water ground, outdoors BBQ, outdoors Gym,…will come to operation in order to create European living environment. In addition, some services such as parking place, general security, fire protection as well as operation will ensure the highest criteria.

EZ Land not only provides the high quality apartments with green value but also create a young community with modern lifestyle building the community cohesion. Thanks to Cofico as a contractor and CBRE as a management & operation, EZ Land could build the prestige in the heart of customers and affirm the position in the Real Estate market. Details: HausNeo scale with the size of over 8000 m2 is designed with two blocks of 18 floors, including 560 apartments and 8 shophouses; the blocks are diversely deployed, providing full space for learning, working, living, entertainment for all members of the family. With the site coverage just 34 percent, all public or private areas are well-ventilated, helping to maximize the space of the apartment and make the owner more relaxed as well as convenient. This is the first project marking the beginning of the plan of EZ Land to build 3,000-5,000 units per year within the next 5-8 years.

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